GEAR Mass Shock

Mass gainer

Next Generation Weight Gainer

Are you a ‘Hard Gainer’ – finding that muscle increase tough going? We believe that most ‘hard gainers’ are simply missing a few key factors required for successful lean muscle mass increases.

And Mass Shock from the Gear Range, is designed to help.

Everyone’s metabolism is different and can be characterized as being either, fast, medium or slow. For those with a fast metabolism who struggle to put on weight, a caloric surplus is key in providing essential nutrients for weight gain. The Gear Mass shock can provide quality calories in order to gain mass.  

Protein Based High Calorie Gainer (3177 kJ / 749kcal)

Important for the growth and maintenance of muscle tissue, protein also plays a key role in its ability to adequately recover. Fundamentally, we need protein to enable our muscles to grow and remain strong through, what is known as “positive nitrogen balance” - essential for muscle mass weight gain. Within the Mass Shock blend of ingredients there are 5 different protein sources:

  • Milk protein concentrate
  • Whey protein concentrate Carbelac®
  • Whey protein isolate Isolac
  • Hydrolysed whey protein Optipep™
  • Hydrolysed casein PeptoPro®.

Studies have shown by blending together a mix of different proteins can maximise the unique properties of each individual protein to for optimal delivery of amino acids which stimulate muscle synthesis and contribute to lean muscle mass development.

With a huge 136G carbs per serving, Gear Mass shock provides a surplus of calories to achieve your mass gaining goals.

How to Use Mass Shock

For the best chance of maximizing the benefits of the protein mix you need to ensure you are taking it at the correct times and intervals. A typical lean muscle mass building programme undertaken by sports physiologists or world class bodybuilders will see them eat between 5 to 7 meals or shakes per day. Your protein supply must be divided evenly among these meals. For the first meal of the day you should take Mass Shock alongside to enable your body to come out of its catabolic state from the prolonged time in the night without food.  

Mass Shock – Your elite carbohydrate/protein training partner.

Available in Chocolate, Chocolate with hazelnut, Toffee, Banana, Vanilla, Vanilla-almond, Strawberry, White chocolate coconut.


Ingredients: Carbohydrate complex (maltodextrin, glucose), milk protein complex [milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate Carbelac®, whey protein isolate Isolac®, hydrolysed whey protein OptipepTM, hydrolysed casein PeptoPro® (from milk)], cocoa1, thickener (Xanthan gum), flavourings, colours (beetred red7, caramel1,2,3, beta-caro- tene4,5,6). Only in: Chocolate1, Chocolate with hazelnut2,

Toffee3, Banana4, Vanilla5, Vanilla-almond6, Strawberry7

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