Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 1 scoop (32 g)
Servings per container: 28 (908 g), 71 (2,27 kg)

Nutrition value per: 100 g (%NRV) 32 g (%NRV)
Energy 1628 kJ / 389 kcal 525 kJ / 124 kcal
Fat 7.3 g 2.3 g
of which saturates 5.3 g 1.7 g
Carbohydrate 18.3 g 5.8 g
of which sugars 17.6 g 5.6 g
Fibre 0.6 g 0.2 g
Protein 63 g 20.2 g
Salt 0.6 g 0.2 g
Calcium 530 mg (66) 170 mg (21)
Phosphorus 400 mg (57) 128 mg (18)

%NRV - Nutrient References Values
*for: Vanilla flavour


20 grams of whey protein concentrate in each serving


Developed from high quality whey protein concentrate and rich in BCAA, L-Glutamine and the essential minerals, calcium and phosphorous, WHEY PROTEIN delivers a powerful protein boost for an active lifestyle. The high quantities of BCAA and L-Glutamine provide a positive nitrogen balance in muscle tissue, stimulating the synthesis of new muscle fibres while inhibiting catabolic protein breakdown. L-Glutamine, in addition, helps with the synthesis of the powerful natural antioxidant, glutathione. Available in 24 delicious flavours FA WHEY PROTEIN is essential for maintaining health and proper body function.

INGREDIENTS: Whey protein concentrate, cocoa (only in chocolate flavour), soy lecithin (emulsifier, only in chocolate flavour), flavourings, stabiliser (carboxymethylcelulose), colours (carotene, caramel, beetroot red – depends on flavours), sweeteners (acesulfame K, sucralose).

RECOMMENDED USE: Mix 1 scoop of powder with 200 - 300 ml of water or milk. Drink before and immediately after training. Depending upon individual needs take 1 - 3 servings per day.

Training day: Take 1 serving immediately after waking up, 30 minutes before training and immediately after training.
Non-training day: Take 1 serving immediately after waking up and 2 further servings between meals, if needed.

WARNINGS: Do not use if you are allergic to any ingredients contained in this product. With sweeteners. Contains allergens: milk, soy (only in chocolate flavours). Do not use if pregnant or nursing. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended. Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

PACKAGING: Container (2,27 kg) and bags (908 g).

FLAVOURS: Available in 908 g and 2,27 kg container: Cappuccino, Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Vanilla Orange, Banana, Chocolate Raspberry, Pecan, Pistachio, Raspberry, Toffee Caramel, White Chocolate Coconut.

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