Nutrition Facts

Display box 12 x 60g

Nutritional value 100 g  60 g 
Energy 16321, 16472,3, 16364, 16675 kJ / 3881,4, 3912,3, 3965 kcal 9791, 10542,3, 9814, 10005 kJ / 2331,4, 2502,3, 2385 kcal
Protein 31g1, 30g2,3,4,5 18 g
Carbohydrates 39g1, 42g2,3, 44g4 , 43g5 23g1, 25g2,3, 26g4,5
of which sugar 28g1, 30g2,3,4,5 17g1, 18g2,3,4,5
Fat 13g1,5, 11g2,3,4 8g1,5, 7g2,3,4
of which saturates 6g1,4, 6,3g2,3, 8g5 4g1,4, 3,8g2,3, 5g5
Fibre 1g1, 0,4g2, 0,7g3, 0,3g4, 0,6g5 0,5g1, 0,2g2,4, 0,4g3, 0,3g5
Sodium 0,08g1, 0,09g2,3, 0,1g4,5 0,05 g

1Caramel with almonds in milk chocolate coating, 2Strawberry and yoghurt, 3Blueberry and yoghurt, 4Apricot yoghurt coating, 5Coconut  yoghurt coating

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Nutritious high protein bar in a range of flavours


Combining high quantities of quality protein with time released carbohydrates the WOW! PROTEIN BAR® is a perfect option for anyone looking for a protein fix that’s also a healthy and nutritious source of energy. There are 18g of protein and 25g of carbohydrates within each bar, whilst keeping fat content low (just 8%). Ideal to eat during or after your workout, or even as a snack to enjoy throughout the day the WOW! PROTEIN BAR® is the ideal choice to support intensive work, exercise or generally active lifestyles.

INGREDIENTS: Milk protein, milk chocolate (20%)1, yoghurt coating (20%)2 [sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder1, skimmed yoghurt powder2, cocoa mass1, lactose2, emulsifier (soy lecithin), flavourings, acidity regulator (citric acid)2], hydrolysed wheat gluten, glucose syrup, sugar, humectants (glycerol), rice crisps (rice flour, wheat gluten, sugar, wheat malt, glucose, salt), almonds (3,2%)1, palm fat, isomaltulose*, blueberry (1,6%)2, flavourings, acidity regulator (citric acid), emulsifier (soy lecithin).
*Isomaltulose is a source of glucose and fructose.
Only in: 1Caramel with almonds in milk chocolate coating, 2Blueberry and yoghurt.

RECOMMENDED USE: Can be used before or after training or as a snack.
During workout: 1 bar for each 45-60 minutes of physical activity.
Post-workout recovery: 1-2 bars during first 30-60 minutes.
During every day activities as a snack: 1-2 bars per each 60-120 minutes according to your needs.

WARNINGS: Contains allergens: milk, soy, gluten, wheat, almond1. May contain traces of nuts, peanut and sesame seed. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended. Store in dry place, temperature 15-22°C away from direct sunlight.

PACKAGING: Bar (60 g), Display-box (12 x 60 g).

FLAVOURS: Caramel with almonds in milk chocolate coating, Blueberry and yoghurt.

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